Lost world ‘Iconic Figure Of The 20Th Century’ Fidel Castro

Nine days of national mourning are declared, alcohol sales were suspended, flags flew at half-staff and shows and concerts were cancelled after his younger brother and successor, President Raul Castro, told the country on Friday that Fidel had died at 10:29pm on the 25 November 2016

The convoy started transporting Fidel’s ashes across Cuba after a massive public gathering and ceremony in Havana’s Revolution Square saw hundreds of thousands say goodbye to the iconic leader on Tuesday November 30, 2016 night shouting “yo Soy Fidel!”. The convoy traveled in the reverse order of the leader’s historic journey from Santiago de Cuba to Havana in 1958 to following the triumph of the Cuban revolution, which ousted the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. The four-day procession concluded with the mass event Saturday, December 3, 2016 and state funeral in Santiago de Cuba Sunday, where Fidel’s ashes were interred at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, which houses the remains of Cuban independence hero Jose Marti and other national heroes.

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