R.S.A. Italian nursing homes

The nursing homes , which are identified with the acronym RSA , introduced in Italy in the mid-nineties , non-hospital facilities , but to imprint health , home for a period ranging from a few weeks to indefinitely dependent persons, who can not be cared for at home and in need of special medical care specialists and more of a complex health care.
They differ from hospitals and nursing homes, aimed at patients suffering from an acute illness , and retirement homes for the elderly at least partially self-sufficient . The fifth section of the State Council , in its judgment No. 1607 of 15 February 2011 , filed March 17, 2011 , reaffirmed the principle that for people with severe disabilities , pursuant to art . 3, paragraph 3 of Law n ° 104/92 , and for the elderly over sixty- dependent uncovered by ASL , for the use of home care services , day care or residential health and social pathways , the contribution to the costs must be based on the ISEE only personal and non- family .
The RSA are operated by public or private entities that offer hospitality , healthcare and welfare , aid in functional recovery and social insertion and prevention of major chronic diseases . Typically, in a nursing home are guaranteed : the medical and nursing care , rehabilitative care , assistance for the performance of daily activities, entertainment activities and socialization , performance, hotel , restaurant, laundry , cleaning .
To request access , you must contact the local ASL or the social services of the municipality of residence , to have recognized the condition of dependency .
The costs established by the entities that manage the nursing homes in the agreements with the municipality , are partly borne by the National Health Service , in part by the municipality and partly by the user.

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